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Your New Braces

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It would be much easier if all of us were born with perfect teeth. However, many people have teeth that are out of their proper alignment. At first glance, that might not seem very important if your alignment issues are not very prominent. However over time, a bad bite can lead to tooth decay and loss, gum disease, and even problems with your ability to speak and eat. Because of these reason, your dentist may recommend that you consider wearing braces.

One of the first questions that you may have is how long you will need to wear them. Every person is different, so there is no set length of time. Depending on your bite, you might have to wear them anywhere from six months to three years. At the end of that time, your orthodontist will probably have you wear a retainer to make sure that your teeth settle into their new positions. You may have to wear it for a number of months or longer, depending on your needs.

Dental technology has changed over the years. The brackets have become smaller and the wires have changed, and there is much less discomfort in wearing braces than in the past. You may experience some tenderness after you get your new braces, and when they are adjusted.

You will still need to brush and floss your teeth, and you will also need to spend a little more time doing both. Your orthodontist will talk more with you about how to brush your teeth, and properly care for your appliance. You need to make sure that you keep your appointments with your orthodontist, and follow all instructions carefully. You will also need to continue to see your dentist as usual for your regular cleanings and exams.

If your dentist has recommended braces for you, our orthodontist, Dr. Lee Mahlmann at Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics in Richmond, Texas would love to see you for an exam and a consultation. Call our office at 281-342-6311 today to schedule an appointment.