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You Need to Take Steps to Prevent Damaging Your Traditional Braces

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The traditional braces represent a significant investment in correcting the alignment of your teeth. With regularly scheduled adjustments tension will be applied to the components and the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth to move them closer to their ideal alignment in your mouth.

Throughout this process, you will need to take proactive steps to maintain the structural integrity of your braces and a healthy mouth. If a component is loosened or damaged, or you suffer from tooth decay, it could potentially alter the tension on your braces. Without timely treatment, this could extend the amount of time it takes to fully correct your misaligned teeth.

Our orthodontists notes that it is best to avoid chewing gum and sticky foods when you have traditional braces. The force and potential suction could damage a braces component. You also need to avoid very hard foods as they could damage wires or compromise other components.

If you are having trouble brushing and flossing around specific orthodontic components, Drs. Lee Mahlmann and Catharine Borders might recommend using one or two special oral hygiene tools. An interdental brush, floss threader or a water flosser device can often help free bacterial deposits before they have a chance to promote tooth decay and periodontal inflammation.

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