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These Three Treats are Harmful to Braces

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If you are planning on undergoing orthodontic treatment in order to improve the health of your smile, it’s important to maintain your orthodontic appliance to keep it hygienic and strong. Despite their strength when shifting your teeth, braces can be damaged by sticky and hard foods, which should be avoided during your treatment. We encourage you to refrain from eating these three snacks while wearing braces to prevent damage to your appliances:

– Caramel: Because caramel is so sticky, it can cling to your braces and affect your oral health. Caramel isn’t easy to remove, and if residue remains on your teeth, it can coat the braces and weaken the tooth enamel until tooth decay occurs. Once you develop dental cavities, they could delay your orthodontic treatment while your dentist restores the health of your teeth.

– Salt water taffy: This sweet is also very sticky and should not be chewed if you have braces since it can harm the orthodontic brackets and cause the development of tooth decay. Refrain from eating any saltwater taffy until you have completed your treatment and had your orthodontic appliance removed.

– Popcorn: Your braces and teeth can be damaged by the hard kernels of popcorn, especially if they become lodged between the appliance and the teeth. This can cause you to experience significant oral discomfort and even result in the brackets snapping right off your teeth. While you are wearing braces and other orthodontic appliances, you should not snack on popcorn.

It’s very important to care for your smile while receiving orthodontic treatment to ensure your progress remains on track. You are welcome to contact Drs. Mahlmann and Borders at 281-342-6311 if you have any questions for our orthodontists about which foods to avoid while wearing braces in Richmond, Texas.