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Orthodontic Braces Require Minimal Cleaning Effort

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Although orthodontic braces are highly effective at straightening teeth, they are not designed to keep your teeth clean. That task is up to you and becomes even more vital when braces are in place. Orthodontic braces require minimal cleaning effort to ensure your teeth remain safe, and braces remain effective.

Braces cannot function properly if they are not adequately cared for. Over time, braces can fail the same as any other tool, so the minimal amount of care needs to be given to ensure they can function at their best. This includes always taking the time to clean your retainer. If your braces should fail, visit your orthodontist as you should never fix them yourself.

Clean your teeth and gums as often with braces as you would without braces. This only requires a few minutes a day in the form of brushing twice daily and flossing at least once daily. Flossing with traditional dental floss may be impossible depending on the type of braces you are wearing, so consider switching to an alternative interdental tool such as a water flosser.

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