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How Ceramic Coated Braces Can Benefit Your Adolescent Avoid Social Stigma

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Putting a pair of braces on your teenager is for them the same as putting a giant neon sign in their mouth with giant arrows pointed to the brackets and wires that read “LOOK HERE”. Your dentist, Dr. Lee Mahlmann knows how teens feel. That’s why he offers ceramic coated braces as an alternative.

While these braces are essentially the same as traditional braces with metal wires and brackets, they lack the same amount of visibility. This is because the braces are glazed in a special porcelain ceramic material. The color of this material is selected to match the shade of your child’s teeth in order to help blend in during their casual encounters.

As with regular braces, the wearer should brush and floss twice a day. Wearers should try to avoid whitening toothpaste because the porcelain coating of the braces isn’t subject to staining. Using a whitening paste can change the color of the tooth and this can cause the tooth to mismatch the color of the selected porcelain coating.

Another potential mismatch can occur if the wearer eats or drinks too many dark colored materials. This can also stain the enamel, making it a different color from the porcelain braces. Foods like dark chocolate and berries should be eaten in moderation and you should brush your teeth after consuming them. Sodas can still be had, but it’s advised wearers use a straw when doing so.

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