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Different Styles of Braces Can Correct Your Child’s Teeth

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Adolescence can be an awkward and confusing time for many individuals. This discomfort can also be compounded if your son or daughter has misaligned or significantly gapped permanent teeth.

Alignment issues can range in severity and source. Common causes might include the loss of one or more primary teeth, genetic factors, or a facial trauma in childhood.  If the alignment issue isn’t addressed in a reasonable amount of time, it could increase your child’s chances of suffering dental fractures and dental attrition problems later on in adulthood.

In a situation like this, you should consider scheduling a consultation with our orthodontist at Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics. In many of these cases, Dr. Lee Mahlmann and their team might recommend installing orthodontic braces in your child’s mouth.

If your child needs braces, there are several different styles and variations available. The type of braces that our orthodontist will recommend will be based on the severity of your child’s alignment issue and personal preference.

Traditional braces incorporate small metal brackets that are secured to the front surface of the teeth with a special dental adhesive. They are integrated with strong metal wires and other orthodontic components. This creates a functional system that is capable of gradually repositioning your child’s teeth.

If they are not comfortable with noticeable orthodontic hardware on your child’s smile, Dr. Lee Mahlmann can apply a ceramic glaze to most of the braces components. This material can be shaded to match your child’s natural tooth enamel, making the braces less noticeable.

If you live in the Richmond, Texas, area, and if your son or daughter has misaligned teeth, you should call 281-342-6311 to set up a braces consultation at Mahlmann & Borders Orthodontics.